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Send It 4U Mail Unit
Send It 4U Mail Unit US Postal Service Certified Mail, Priority Mail or Overnight Mail is available for applicable charge.
You must be a registered Send It 4U Member to use this service.

Once you have purchased your membership simply order the quantity of units based on the number of colleges to whom you want us to send your DVDs. There is an allowed maximum of 2 DVD discs per envelope.
1. You have the option of mailing your DVDs to us or you can send them electronically over the Internet using our FTP account (You must have access to high speed Internet service to send FTP). If you choose to send your DVDs via FTP please notify us by calling our toll-free telephone number or by sending an email. We need to know as ASAP so that we can send an email to you with the easy-to- follow instructions and your user ID and Password. Our phone numbers, email and business addresses can be found on our “Contact US” page. The link to the “Contact US” page can be found at the top and bottom of our website pages.
2. Fill out the “Client info” form located here so that we have the information we need to accurately produce your cover letter and DVD labels.
3. Once we receive your footage we: (a) make a copy to keep on file for your future needs (b)produce copies needed to fill order (c) print and affix DVD Labels and publish your cover letter. Upon request, you can preview PDF copies of your cover letter and DVD labels before they are mailed.
4. We mail your DVDs w/cover letter to the college(s).
5. We mail your original hardcopy footage back to you. PDF copies of your disc label(s) and cover letter are available upon request.

Note: We have access to addresses and proper contacts for all NCAA Division I through Division III, NAIA and junior college sports programs. However, if you have the specific name or address of a coach you want us to mail to, please don’t hesitate to provide us with this information.
Finally, you are encouraged to supply a brief statement of recommendation signed by the athlete’s head coach or position coach which can be attached to the cover letter.
We are here to help!

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